Why Buy From Source HDD

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Your Total HDD Solutions Partner

In late 2015, Source: HDD, Inc. and StraightLine HDD, Inc. merged. The combination created a single access point for everything needed to run a profitable HDD operation. Together, the new company is unified by the Ready-To-Work promise—it’s a promise that every rig, piece of equipment, and tooling is ready to earn a return on your investment the moment it hits your job site.

With Source: HDD: I always feel like they treat me like their biggest customer.

- Frank Chambers, Kemp Construction Company

Because of the lower capital costs we can get through Source: HDD, we had much more flexibility to invest in other business areas.

- Todd Seehausen, HDD Owner/Operator

As a company, we are committed to a growth strategy. But we also wanted to manage expenses. Using Source: HDD was the best way to accomplish both.

- Jesse Wilcoxson, Fusion HDD

Strategic combination benefits HDD operators

Combining two complementary businesses creates a central point of contact for operators to access three powerful solutions-based assets:

  • Depth of HDD knowledge
  • Product breadth, spanning both new and used
  • Ability to creatively develop solutions to meet any need

The industry’s deepest knowledge base

As early pioneers in the HDD industry, the combined company gives operators access to a team of HDD experts with a deep knowledge of what works and doesn’t in HDD. Guided by the Ready-To-Work promise, our team is 100 percent focused on developing cost-effective, operationally efficient solutions that are delivered when you need them—day or night, including weekends.

Your complete source for HDD solutions

We stock hundreds of horizontal directional drills and HDD support equipment, including trailers and mud equipment, used HDD tooling, and more. Now, the merged company creates a single point of access to the 17,000-part product portfolio of in-stock and custom StraightLine HDD tooling, as well as innovative Armadrillco down-hole tools.

Creative problem-solving

Combining a deep HDD field knowledge base with the industry’s broadest mix of new and used HDD offerings creates a powerful new way to do business. Need to manage costs? We can mix and match new and used to meet any financial goal. Facing an unusually difficult bore? We’ll work with you to solve the problem. Need to sell something fast? We can do it. Turn-key solutions? We can set you up—from hardware to financing.

The ability to creatively develop HDD solutions based on job, rig type, ground condition or financial need is a powerful tool for contractors seeking to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive HDD industry.